Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform (HCP) Connector


The ThreatQuotient for HCP Connector integrates ThreatQ with the Kafka brokers installed in HCP. Kafka is a messaging service which is used for handling high volume real-time data feeds, and is one of the entry points for data into HCP.

The connector runs a saved search in ThreatQ, parses the indicators from the search, and then sends them as individual messages to a Kafka endpoint in the Metron API that is installed as part of HCP.

Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform (HCP) is a real-time security analytics platform that ingests, normalizes, enriches, triages, and manages application and security data at scale. At the prime intersection of big data and machine learning, HCP helps you gain a single view of risks, automate threat detection, and streamline operations to overcome personnel shortage for your security operations.