Recorded Future



Cut out laborious manual collection and get more context than threat feeds alone, all updated in real time so information stays relevant. Recorded Future delivers contextualized intelligence that you can centralize with data from any other sources, for faster human analysis or rapid integration with your existing security infrastructure.


Powered by Machine Learning.

Scaling human analysts to process the sheer volume of available threat data is impossible. That’s why we built the Threat Intelligence Machine™. It structures and organizes threat data every second of every day — driving an ever more relevant and powerful view of your threat landscape.


The Recorded Future feed ingests threat intelligence data from the following six feeds published by the Recorded Future:

  • Domain Risk List
  • IP Risk List
  • URL Risk List
  • Vulnerability Risk List
  • Hash Risk List
  • Recorded Future Analyst notes
  • Recorded Future Alerts

What's New

Version: 2.6.0


Version: 2.5.0


Version: 2.4.1